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Mastering Operational Resilience: Lessons Learned from FNZ’s Award-Winning Strategy

In an era of constant disruption, becoming operationally resilience has become a critical need for organizations worldwide. Operational resilience is the ability to prepare, adapt to, withstand, and recover from disruptions and unexpected events that can include natural disasters, cyber-attacks, power outages, supply chain disruptions, pandemics, and others. Operational resilience is not only about preparing for disruptions, but also about designing and implementing systems and processes that can continue to function under unexpected circumstances and recover quickly if disrupted.

Organizations that prioritize operational resilience are better equipped to protect their critical functions, continue to provide their products and services even in the face of disruption, and quickly return to normal operations after a disruption. As a result, the organization is better able to maintain its reputation and trust with customers and stakeholders and create sustainability and long-term business value.

We all look to great examples in our lives to show us the way, and FNZ is cracking the code on operational resilience. FNZ is a global wealth management firm that empowers 20 million people to invest through partnerships with over 650 financial institutions and 8,000 firms. Their strategy, process, and implementation of Archer recently earned them the 'Best in Class GRC in Risk & Resilience Management' award from GRC 20/20.

Archer invites you to register for our upcoming webinar at 11:00am Eastern Time on August 30, Mastering Operational Resilience: Lessons from FNZ’s Award-Winning Strategy to:

  • Uncover FNZ's award-winning strategies for building resilience and the outcomes achieved.

  • Identify challenges and potential roadblocks in implementing operational resilience for your organization, with expert advice on how to maneuver around them.

  • Understand how technology can significantly boost your organization's operational resilience, with real-life examples from FNZ's successful collaboration with Archer.

For more information about how Archer can help your organization become resilient, check out Archer Business Resiliency.


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