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Streamline Risk Management Collaboration with Archer Engage

risk management mobile device

Archer Engage delivers a coordinated, streamlined experience for first line business users and risk management teams.

Effective risk management can no longer confined to the role and responsibility of risk managers alone. It requires ongoing coordination and information sharing with business users. According to a recent Gartner study, "The risk environment has evolved, but organizations have not adapted risk governance accordingly... Executive leaders must embrace a new approach - dynamic risk governance."

Archer Engage addresses the critical need for broad stakeholder participation in integrated risk management. It extends the benefits of Archer beyond risk teams, delivering a streamlined user experience for first line business users to provide input into risk analysis. Archer Engage enables Archer customers to implement an intuitive and focused user experience that requires little training yet drives simplified and efficient collection of risk data from key cross-functional stakeholders that is seamlessly incorporated into the Archer platform for analysis and treatment.

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Modern and intuitive user experience.

Archer Engage delivers a modern, consumer app-like experience to the infrequent user to ensure active engagement in helping the enterprise manage risk.


Capture key data for complete picture of risk.

Archer Engage captures data that feeds directly into the main Archer implementation to provide a more complete and accurate picture to support strategic business decisions.


Broad stakeholder participation

Archer Engage drives streamlined collection of risk data from key cross-functional stakeholders for analysis and treatment.

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risk managment for business users mobile device
Business users can quickly and easily complete assessments or initiate risk management activities.

While first line of defense risk management may not consider risk their primary role, they are regularly involved in risk-related activities such as following policies, implementing controls, or reporting issues. Archer Engage streamlines the process through an easy-to-use interface for business users who may infrequently need to communicate data to risk teams.

Archer Engage enables risk teams to easily request information they need from business users and then incorporate the data into their analysis and reporting to executives. This streamlines the entire process of gathering risk data, evaluating, reporting, and taking action.

Whether it is the ability to create ad hoc or scheduled requests or just enable business users to report risk information they see, Archer Engage enables better and more timely two-way communication between business users and risk teams.



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Archer Engage

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