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Streamline your insurance renewal workflows, policies, claims and incident management


Risk Management Information System

With Archer RMIS AI, you can leverage AI-powered analytics to optimize your renewal workflows, policy administration, claims and incidents. Archer RMIS AI offers an intuitive and cost-effective solution for insurance policy and exposure data management, claims management, incident management, and analytics. You can manage claims more effectively and efficiently, reduce and track insurance costs, and eliminate opportunities for human error resulting in better data and lower risk. 


Insurance is a key element of your risk management program but only if you can increase efficiency and analysis capabilities, improve information sharing and avoid silos.

AS EASY AS 1-2-3

Use powerful analytics to
make sense of your data

Gain insights into claims patterns, areas for improvement and make informed business decisions


Streamline claim intake and incident reporting

Efficiently capture and manage incoming claims with a centralized and user-friendly intake portal


Manage all your insurance data in one place

Manage policies, claims and incidents in a central system eliminating pockets of data and outdated spreadsheets

Use cases

Insurance & Exposure Data

Centralize your policies and exposure data with streamlined data collection.

Claims Management

Track claims details in one place with pre-built workflows and reporting.

Incident Reporting

Capture incident information with severity categorization to act fast and prevent future incidents.

Analytics and AI

Visualize and understand your data through powerful AI analytics


Risk Management Information System

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