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Document Governance

Control the Content that Controls Your Business

Archer Document Governance

Archer Document Governance is a highly configurable and secure content workflow and editor application that’s easy to integrate into your ecosystem for managing policies. It gives you more control and speed over editing, approval and roll-out of critical content for enterprises to respond to new regulatory needs or growing audit requirements.


Create, review and approve enterprise policies

Create new content such as Enterprise Policies, Operating Procedures, and Audit Workpapers aided by templates.


Improve speed of ongoing document management

Accelerate and control updates of operating procedures and other business-critical documents.


Enhance collaboration and reduce document risk

Collaborate cross-functionally – jointly or dividing work for efficiency, route and review drafts,respond quickly to audit requests.

A wide range of document governance use cases to improve control, reduce risk

Enterprise Policies

Provides a configurable policy management workflow tool with all the key features needed to respond to change with speed and accuracy. Key features include a searchable library, simultaneous editing with conflict and version controls, cross-file linking, workflow governance for controlled approvals, renewal dating, detailed auditability, and business intelligence support. 

Operating Procedures

Delivers a configurable content approval workflow tool, attestation tracking, and integration with business platforms. 

Also provides critical tools to innovate fast, like simultaneous editing with conflict and version control, easy cross-linking to related procedures, detailed auditability, and analytic insights. 

Incident Assessment & Audit Reports

Reporting events, tracking ongoing collaborative remediation, and delivering formal reports for executive and third-party reviews, Ensure all stakeholder reviews are performed and captured, every version recorded for review as needed, and final reports delivered quickly and accurately. 

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