Third-Party Risk

Manage third-party risk with a picture of your vendor ecosystem

Third Party Risk Management

Manage and monitor your third-party relationships and engagements' performance.

Archer Third Party Governance enables you to automate and streamline oversight of vendor relationships. With an accurate picture of your third-party ecosystem, you can prioritize actions and facilitate activities necessary to manage third-party risk across the entire third-party management lifecycle. See how Archer can help build your vendor risk program.

Archer Third Party Governance
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Third-party risk management

Understand your third-party ecosystem

Catalog and assess third-party relationships, understand associated risks and be prepared as relationships and your business ecosystem evolves.

third-party risk management

Monitor risk and performance

Stay current with vendor status and monitor risk and performance across the entire lifecycle of vendor management.

Third-party risk management

Enable consistent management

Consistently evaluate risks posed by third parties and apply controls, treatments and transfer techniques according to your organization’s risk tolerance.

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