Leverage your business ecosystem to the fullest

Archer Third Party Governance enables you to automate and streamline oversight of vendor relationships.  With an accurate picture of your third-party ecosystem, you can prioritize actions and  facilitate activities necessary to manage risk across the entire third-party management lifecycle.

No organization stands alone.  As your operation relies on more and more external parties, you inherit risks related to your vendors and service providers.  Unfortunately, a risk to them is a risk to you. 

Understand your third-party ecosystem

Catalog and assess third-party relationships, understand associated risks and be prepared as relationships and your business ecosystem evolves.

Monitor risk and performance

Stay current with vendor status and monitor risk and performance across the entire lifecycle of vendor management.

Enable consistent management

Consistently evaluate risks posed by third parties and apply controls, treatments and transfer techniques according to your organization’s risk tolerance.


A full complement of use cases for multi-faceted challenges

Third-party catalog

Understand the relationships you have with third parties to mitigate risk. Archer Third Party Catalog lets you document third-party relationships and associated contracts, plus the business units and named individuals in your organization who are responsible for each relationship. Use a single repository to aggregate all third-party information.

Third-party engagement

Employ Archer Third Party Engagement to gain a holistic understanding of your organization’s dependency on third parties across all of your business units. Catalog the products and services third parties deliver to your organization according to each business process and business unit they support.

Third-party risk management

Build and execute assessments to help manage third-party relationships with Archer Third Party Risk Management. Determine your organization’s residual risk across several categories by leveraging a series of risk assessment questionnaires to assess third parties’ control environments and then analyze the results.

Third-party governance

Perform integrated third-party risk and performance management. Use Archer Third Party Governance to document performance metrics and service level agreement metrics for each third-party product and service to ascertain whether each engagement is delivering expected performance.

Third-party security risk monitoring

Assess third-party security risks quickly and more accurately with continuous, automated visibility into your vendors’ IT landscape. Archer Third Party Security Risk Monitoring delivers actionable, objective insights about third-party security issues that pose the greatest risk to your business.


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