Public Sector Solutions

Purpose-built for government agencies

Archer Public Sector Solutions

As government organizations take on more initiatives to make information and services accessible, there is always some risk that these initiatives may also make operations and data more vulnerable. Government agencies must successfully deliver mission outcomes while managing risk across a challenging and constantly evolving landscape.


Archer Public Sector Solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of government agencies, providing capabilities to improve information assurance program management, maximize existing agency infrastructure investments and build an integrated approach to meeting FISMA and OMB requirements See how Archer can help improve your information assurance program.

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GRC solution

Accelerate information sharing and response to risk

Eliminate the need to constantly import, export and reformat data, with a common platform and taxonomy, and integrations to security data.

GRC solution

Support FISMA and OMB compliance

Verify information systems operate according to authorization agreements and within acceptable risk levels, with use cases for assessment and authorization and continuous monitoring.


Improve information assurance program maturity

Save labor hours, reduce software and training costs, and increase productivity, while reducing the likelihood and impact of risks and incidents.


A full complement of use cases for multi-faceted challenges

Archer Plan of Action & Milestones Management

POA&M management

Lay the foundation for your information assurance program with Archer Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M) Management. Establish the organizational structure and assign accountability for risk and compliance issues. Escalate issues with an organized, managed process to get visibility into known risks and efforts to close and address risks. Create a more secure and resilient environment with faster response to emerging risks.

Archer Assessment & Authorization

Assessment and authorization

Meet FISMA compliance requirements while improving security with Archer Assessment & Authorization. Enable a system of record for every person, location, component and tier in your organization. Lay the foundation for a comprehensive information assurance management program. Manage all phases of NIST RMF, DIACAP, DOD RMF and FedRAMP.

Archer Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring

Prioritize security risk data and automate control assessments with Archer Continuous Monitoring. Enhance FISMA and OMB compliance activities by verifying that information systems abide by authorization agreements and operate within acceptable levels of risk. Use reporting and workflow to focus limited resources on remediation efforts that provide the greatest benefit.