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Reduce losses and manage costs with quantitative assessment


Organizations encounter numerous risks that can disrupt operations and lead to significant losses. Traditional methods, like heatmaps, fail to faithfully prioritize these risks.

Quantitative assessment replaces the traditional heat map and removes the subjectivity from risk assessments, allowing for direct comparison of risks in quantitative terms across the enterprise and over different types and categories of risk.

Archer Insight uses a series of simple questions that enables better risk prioritization. This approach reduces losses by ensuring that resources, time, and attention are directed at the most important and expensive risks.

AS EASY AS 1-2-3

Build into Your Risk Management Framework

By building on risk management framework, you can quickly and seamlessly integrate quantification capabilities, utilizing familiar business, risk taxonomies and skillsets for clear and effective risk reporting.


Scalable Assessment Methodology

Provide a comprehensive approach to risk quantification and apply to any operational risk including cyber risk. Recognize the volume of risks across the organization with our purpose-built assessment. Follow easy steps to get started with quant and sustain the quant program for all enterprise risks. 


Transform ERM to a Value Center

Turn your enterprise risk management program into a value center. Use enterprise quantitative assessment to effectively focus on the most important risks, preventing losses and reducing costs.

Take our quiz to find out if Risk Quantification is the right next step for you.



How to Incorporate Quantitative Risk Assessment in ERM.


It's Not Just Math: Applying Risk Quantification.

Archer Insight

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