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How Archer Document Governance Supports Business-Critical Content Changes for Policy Management

There are several key questions to ask in evaluating how well the content and associated documentation is managed for your use cases (like policy management).

  1. Is your change management program well designed? How would you demonstrate that to a stakeholder or outside party?

  2. Is the program applied earnestly / in good faith?

  3. How do you report on the results of the work done?

The Archer Document Governance solution provides tools to manage your policy management’s critical documentation and help strengthen your program around these questions.

1: Key elements to a well-designed program: control and collaboration

Policy programs are dynamic, with ongoing updates needed to keep policies and procedures current. A well-designed program will have both the agility and the control needed for ongoing change management.

Archer Document Governance can help provide the agility and control you need through:

  • Enabling simultaneous collaboration on documentation changes – no need to lose time emailing versions back and forth or risking lock-out of a collaborator from a shared network file

  • Making teams aware of changes in the approval chain for the documentation they manage

  • Providing a real-time view to where a document may be delayed in the change management process

  • Documenting redlined changes for every published version

  • Enabling quick response to audit inquiries

2. Enabling a strong culture of discipline: reinforcing the positive, removing the barriers

In tandem with your leadership communications and targeted performance indicators, the right tool can help simplify and demonstrate diligent application of your policy management program.

Archer Document Governance can support your culture of execution through how you manage the creation, governance, and publication of your program’s mission-critical documentation. Document Governance helps by:

  • Simplifying through standardizing the creation, management, and distribution of policies and procedures

  • Configuring your governance workflows and providing transparency into the process

  • Accelerating the review and sign-off of documentation changes

  • Serving as a single system of record for your documentation

3. Demonstrating program results

Monitoring and reporting on the results of your policy management program takes both quantitative and qualitative measurements. Archer Document Governance can help you track and demonstrate program results through:

  • Facilitating internal and external audits, providing detailed change logs, and redline comparisons for evidence across published versions

  • Detailed management reporting, showing everything from change management cycle times to analysis where approvals get delayed by document type and team

Contact us to speak to an Archer expert about how Archer Document Governance can support your program goals.


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