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Driving Broader Stakeholder Participation in Risk Management with Archer Engage

Archer has always believed that risk management requires broad participation to be fully effective. Modern enterprises are diverse, distributed, and dynamic.

Risk management and compliance teams facilitate, educate, and monitor. Risks and controls are owned by operational leaders far and wide and are far too numerous to centralize. They are as diverse and dynamic as the business itself. Risk management programs must rely on input from these operational leaders across the organization to realize its potential.

Traditional risk management software has been tailored to the needs of risk management and compliance teams. No platform offers this group more capability and out of the box industry knowledge than Archer.

But risk owners aren’t looking for robust workflows and flexible data models. They’re looking for ease and speed. They’re looking for risk management to meet them wherever they might be with the seamless delivery of the cloud and on whatever device they’re using. In short, they’re looking for risk management to enable them to do their job, not distract them from it.

That’s why we invested so much in enhancing Archer’s user experience and in expanding our mobile applications in recent years. It’s also why we launched Vendor Portal last year.

But as we continued to develop and evolve our ethnography of key stakeholders and contributors outside of the risk management program – risk owners, third parties, and executive leadership – the more we were drawn to the conclusion that this group has needs of their software separate from those of risk management professionals. And that led us to Archer Engage: a mobile-first, cloud-native compliment to the Archer platform that’s meant to carry risk management from operational managers to the board of directors.

Archer Engage is an expansion of what we began last year with Vendor Portal, now known as Archer Engage for Vendors. It integrates with your Archer instance – be it SaaS or on-prem – to present your assessments and other information requests in a fast, responsive application that’s as easy to use on your smart phone as it is on your company-issued laptop. And as 2021 unfolds you’ll see us add capabilities for content creation, data driven events, and advanced workflows to bring the richness of all your Archer applications to the convenience of Archer Engage.

Archer Engage has the same great security posture as Archer SaaS and is resilient enough to continue to operate even when your Archer instance is unreachable. The Archer team has been hard at work to reach this milestone; we are proud to announce that the first release of Archer Engage for Business Users will be generally available to all Archer customers on May 5th, 2021.


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