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Archer Introduces Archer Engage to Streamline Risk Management Collaboration for Business Users, Vendors and Executives

Overland Park, KS - April 13, 2021 - Archer®, an RSA® business and a leader in integrated risk management (IRM) solutions, today introduced Archer Engage™ to address the critical need for broad stakeholder participation in enterprise risk management. Extending the benefits of Archer beyond risk professionals, Archer Engage delivers a streamlined role-based user experience across the organization, executives and board members who are increasingly involved and interested in risk, and third parties required to provide input for risk programs.

Archer Engage is a mobile-first companion product that facilitates collection of risk data from key cross-functional stakeholders that is synchronized with the Archer platform for analysis and treatment. According to a recent research study by Gartner, one of the top three risk management priorities for organizations in 2021 is improving cross functional risk response capabilities.

“Risk management is no longer confined to the role and responsibility of  risk managers. Organizations increasingly rely on cross-functional teams to contribute key data in order to get a complete picture of risk, to enable executives and boards of directors to seize the right opportunities,” said Bill Diaz, CEO of Archer. “With the introduction of Archer Engage, we are improving the ability of modern businesses with complex interdependencies to collect this risk data and bring it into the Archer platform for in-depth analysis and treatment.”

Archer Engage will enable business users to quickly and easily complete  simple assessments or initiate risk activities such as identifying a risk or reporting an incident using a mobile-optimized interface. Business users can quickly respond to audit requests and provide evidence. It gives risk professionals the ability to create ad hoc or scheduled requests using an easy-to-use form to collect data from everyone in the organization.

Archer Engage also facilitates collaboration between business stakeholders, risk managers and external vendors throughout the governance lifecycle. Third parties can efficiently complete assessments, upload documentation, respond to issues and attest to performance, while reducing the burden for Archer administrators. Archer users can publish assessments with just the click of a button. Vendors can be automatically provisioned and can invite their peers to collaborate on assessments. When their work is submitted, responses are automatically synchronized with the Archer environment for review. 

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