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New Data Center in United Arab Emirates Extends Archer SaaS to Middle East Customers

To support the growing SaaS needs of Archer customers across the Middle East, we’re pleased to announce Archer’s newest data center in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), this latest data center enables us to support the explosive growth of Archer SaaS in the region with the increased performance, lower latency, and the data residency our customers require.

Our UAE data center offers improved security and compliance, as data will be stored locally and subject to UAE regulations. Additionally, this data center supports our customers who want to leverage the power and scalability of the cloud to help address business risk and global compliance challenges.

With the deployment of our industry-leading Archer cloud infrastructure in the UAE, we now have data centers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia Pacific, as part of our strategy to provide a regional presence in our highest-demand areas.

Archer SaaS enables organizations to leverage the flexibility, availability and scalability of the cloud, coupled with the depth and breadth of the Archer Suite, to comprehensively and proactively manage risk.

Offered on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, Archer SaaS offers:

· Support for the full set of Archer use cases

· A flexible pricing model

· SaaS-specific contract terms

· Data residency

· And much more

To learn more about Archer SaaS, contact us or join us for Archer Summit 2023 in San Diego September 11-13.


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