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AWS and Archer SaaS in Saudi Arabia: Shaping the Future of Risk Management

On March 4, AWS announced plans for a new infrastructure region within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2026, supporting Saudi Arabia's ambitious Vision 2030 goals, accelerating digital transformation, and promoting a secure and technologically advanced business environment. This strategic move signifies AWS’s commitment to the Middle East and also heralds a new era of integrated risk management for the region with Archer SaaS.


Archer intends to leverage AWS infrastructure in the region as soon as it becomes available, to enable delivery of unparalleled service performance and reliability for Archer SaaS. We understand the critical importance of data residency and security for businesses operating within Saudi Arabia. The planned AWS region in the Kingdom provides an opportunity to revolutionize how organizations operating in Saudi Arabia manage risk, assurance, and resiliency using Archer SaaS.


Archer's integrated risk management platform, powered by AWS, is far more than a mere tool – it's a comprehensive solution crafted to streamline compliance, enrich decision-making, and cultivate a culture of resilience and innovation. By leveraging advanced quantification and AI capabilities, Archer ensures assurance and fortifies enterprise resilience. Our holistic approach assures that organizations meet regulatory compliance and effectively mitigate risks. Archer SaaS paves the way for a more disruption-resistant digital transformation, enhancing resilience across technology, operations, and the extended enterprise.


As part of our continued support and investment in the region, the combination of AWS’s robust infrastructure and Archer's innovative risk management platform will ensure that Saudi businesses remain at the forefront of risk management best practices. Archer is ready to help redefine the landscape of risk management for businesses operating in the Kingdom. We aim to be a key player in enabling organizations to turn risk and compliance into a strategic advantage.


Interested in learning how Archer SaaS can elevate your organization’s risk and compliance management program? Contact us today.


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