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Debunking the Complexity of Risk Quantification

As a go to market lead at Archer for our Enterprise Risk Quantification practice and Archer Insight product, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with thousands of customers and risk practitioners across the ERM and GRC space.

While there is a market desire to quantify risks, the desire to adopt risk quantification is often met with hesitancy, no thanks to perceptions around risk quantification being reserved for the only mature users, users with access to rich data analytics, modeling expertise, or challenges in demonstrating the value of risk quantification beyond specific risk functions like cyber.

At Archer, we’ve taken these perceptions and challenges head-on when developing the Enterprise Risk Quantification practice behind our Archer Insight solution.

Why Archer Insight?

Archer Insight takes an enterprise approach to risk quantification shifts previous perceptions and challenges associated with adopting risk quantification by prescribing a purpose-built risk quantification methodology for getting started with quantified risk assessment.

Why Enterprise Risk Management?

As you well know, the purpose of an Enterprise Risk Management program is to provide a holistic view of risk across the enterprise for visibility and governance of risks impacting the enterprise’s key initiatives. Recognizing the objective of the enterprise risk management program, quantification doesn’t need to be complex, quantification just needs to better than what we are doing, which is likely qualitative and semi-qualitative risk heatmaps.

Please join OCEG and Archer for our December 12 webinar, “Debunking the Complexity Around Risk Quantification,” where I’ll discuss how risk quantification is best suited for the enterprise risk management program, strengthening and delivering on ERM program objectives.


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