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Better ESG Reporting and Risk Management: How Archer's CDP Accreditation Can Help Your Business

In recent years, businesses have increasingly prioritized Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting to measure their commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate practices. Many companies are now aware of the importance of measuring and managing ESG performance to reduce risks and seek out opportunities for growth. In addition, companies that successfully integrate ESG into their operations are viewed as more responsible and attractive to investors, customers, and other stakeholders. To meet this growing demand for better ESG reporting, Archer is proud to announce its accreditation as a CDP solution provider.

Overview of CDP and its Mission

CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) is an international organization that works with organizations to measure and disclose their environmental impact. CDP scores the ESG performance of companies and provides insights into best practices and potential areas of concern. As an accredited CDP solution provider, Archer's ESG Management solution expands its ability to help our customers streamline their ESG reporting, provide them with actionable data, and use the CDP platform to benchmark against peers and industry standards.

Additionally, in November 2022, the U.S. federal government proposed the Federal Supplier Climate Risks and Resilience Rule that will require major suppliers to the U.S. federal government to disclose their environmental impacts through CDP. This proposal amplifies the importance of introducing the CDP questionnaires in Archer’s ESG Management Solution.

Archer's Expanded ESG Management Solution

With this new accreditation, Archer expands its end-to-end solution for managing sustainability risks in a single, integrated risk management platform. At Archer, we believe that our CDP solution provider accreditation further strengthens our ability to help clients manage and mitigate ESG risks. With our expertise in risk management and sustainability, we can assist clients in identifying trends and potential impacts on environmental, social, and governance issues specific to their industry and location. In addition, Archer clients can customize risk assessments to fit their information needs or integrate them into other ESG frameworks, improving their understanding and evaluation of performance.

Benefits of CDP Accreditation for Archer Customers

Archer's accreditation as a CDP solution provider is a significant achievement demonstrating its leadership in ESG and integrated risk management. It provides an integrated platform that enables companies to manage their sustainability risks and meet regulatory requirements. Archer's commitment to sustainability and its focus on driving better risk decisions will help its clients achieve their corporate strategic goals and create value for society and the environment.

Archer's ESG Management solution lets organizations collect and store all their ESG data in one platform. They can then analyze risks and opportunities, track 3rd party ESG risks, set ESG goals, and generate auditable sustainability reports from a single integrated platform. In addition, Archer ESG Management can help automate and standardize the sustainability reporting process simplifying the effort needed to collect and aggregate data in sustainability reports and minimizing the risk of disclosing inaccurate information.

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Watch our "ESG in the EU - Preparing for Mandatory Reporting" webinar to hear from Archer Global ESG Lead Tahmina Day and Sr. ESG Consultant Anna Gurevich. They'll discuss strategic and practical approaches to using ESG tech solutions to meet reporting requirements.

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