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Archer's Integration with Microsoft® 365 and SharePoint

In today’s world, all customers want the ability to store files in a location where they can be easily accessed and shared, and where they are safe from disasters and secure from unwanted eyes. Microsoft® 365 OneDrive and SharePoint have become two of the most commonly used platforms for file storage and sharing, making it very important to support customers’ ability to transfer files from these platforms.

We’re pleased to announce our new integration with Microsoft 365 OneDrive and SharePoint significantly streamlines the ability to move and edit files without needing to re-upload them back into Archer once you are done. With the Microsoft 365 OneDrive and SharePoint integration, you can:

  • Easily select files from your OneDrive or SharePoint with an enhanced External Links field within an Archer record

  • View or edit attached Microsoft 365 documents within the confines of the Archer record layout

Visit our website or contact us to speak to an Archer expert to learn more about Archer.

If you are an existing customer watch an on-demand video for an overview and demo.

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