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Advancing RMIS - Strategies for Modern Risk Management

Navigating the increasingly complex web of risks today -- from business disruptions and economic uncertainties to cyber threats and physical incidents -- requires a sophisticated approach to risk management. Managing the extensive details of risks, controls, incidents, and claims has also become increasingly challenging.  Multiple teams, separate systems, and data silos make it difficult to gain a comprehensive view of the risks at hand. It's akin to solving a puzzle with missing pieces, made even more challenging with the growing amount of data from various sources.

So, how do you coordinate all of the details to minimize losses while also trying to improve your processes and controls?

Enter Archer RMIS AI, the only solution that combines RMIS, artificial intelligence (AI) and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) capabilities to help you build a more coordinated risk management process. Archer RMIS AI provides workflows and predictive analytics that help you implement smarter processes and controls. It positions you to build a comprehensive view of your organization’s risk landscape so you can act effectively and make more strategic decisions.

Need a quick summary of everything that’s happened since you last reviewed the data?  Need to analyze trends in incidents, loss events, and claims? Concerned about that one claim that could impact your entire company? Archer RMIS AI is the answer.

It's time to embrace the evolution of risk management with Archer RMIS AI to navigate the challenges of today's world with confidence and resilience.

To learn more, register today for our April 23 webinar, hosted by RIMS, the Risk Management Society, “Advancing RMIS: Strategies for Modern Risk Management,” on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, at 11:00 am ET.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The critical need to transition from traditional RMIS solutions to advanced systems capable of navigating the complexities of today's risk landscape.

  • The strategic benefits of aligning RMIS with GRC strategies to drive new insights and operational efficiencies.

  • The enhanced decision-making and operational risk management made possible with the integration of incident and loss data with RMIS technologies.


Be sure to use promo code “RIMSARCHER50” to waive the $50 fee.


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