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Effective Regulatory Change Management with an Automated Approach

In today’s constantly changing regulatory landscape, it is challenging for organizations to have an efficient regulatory change management program. Organizations are overwhelmed with an increasing volume of regulatory information about new laws and regulations, along with changes to existing laws and regulations that they need to keep up with. Managing regulatory changes manually across your enterprise can take hundreds of hours of reading, assessing, and defining implications and requirements for your organization.

The lack of automation for regulatory change management makes it difficult to ensure you are appropriately managing legal, risk, and compliance activities.

Leveraging an automated approach for your regulatory change management processes enables organizations to increase accuracy, improve productivity, and reduce the chance that compliance gaps will be missed.

Archer Compliance AI is a regulatory change management solution that applies purpose-built machine learning models to automatically monitor the regulatory environment for relevant changes and map them to your internal policies, procedures, and controls.

Our solution provides:

  • Automatic task delegation and prioritization

  • Automatic obligation extraction

  • Real-time dashboards that automatically collect and analyze new regulatory content


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