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What Role Does ESG Play in Your GRC Program?

Recent global events have shown business leaders how crucial it is for organizations to demonstrate capabilities to thrive in unpredictable and evolving circumstances. ESG (environment, social, and governance) is increasingly becoming an imperative as organizations cope with increasing global political, economic and social uncertainty.

In just the past few months, new ESG directives concerning financial disclosures and reporting requirements have been developing at a rapid pace as compared to the decades-long process seen in developing traditional corporate reporting standards. Consider this snapshot of recent ESG announcements:

  • March 21: SEC proposes climate-related financial disclosures

  • March 24: IFRS and GRI sign agreement to align sustainability reporting

  • March 30: EU on track to publish draft standards before the end of April ‘22

  • March 31: IFRS publishes S1 General Requirements Exposure Draft

  • March 31: IFRS publishes S2 Climate Disclosures Requirements Exposure Draft

  • April 6: UK Climate Financial Disclosure (CFD) law comes into effect

Organizational leaders who have committed to ESG values haven’t done so for the optics. They’ve realized that an effective ESG strategy helps to secure a brighter future not only for their own business but for the health of the planet and the good of society as well.

Increasingly, winning organizations will be characterized by their resilience in the face of the volatile global supply chain, social, and environmental conditions. Therefore, it’s more crucial than ever for organizations to implement strategies and demonstrate capabilities that will allow them to thrive in changing business environments.

Driving toward compliance with emerging ESG reporting requirements equips organizations to outperform competitors in both near-term risk mitigation and ongoing resilience. By providing their organizations with these strategic capabilities, leaders empower their teams to perform and drive down the cost of their capital.

To learn more about the impact of ESG, join us for our webinar “The Critical Role of ESG in GRC Programs, ”featuring Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20 and Archer ESG Product Manager Phil Freund, who will discuss:

  • The critical role of ESG in GRC programs

  • How ESG impacts your organization

  • Steps you can take today to begin planning and implementing an ESG program

Webinar: The Critical Role of ESG in GRC Programs

June 15, 2022

11:00 am Eastern Time

Visit Archer ESG Management for more information. Contact us to speak to an Archer Expert about how you can implement an ESG program.


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