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Unleash the Disney Princess Heroine in You and Join us at Archer Summit 2021

You have been staring at the same four walls of your bedroom, kitchen, basement or maybe even a closet for over a year. You have been making heroic efforts to pay attention on endless Zoom calls, while not having distractions from your family, pets or neighbors interrupt your day. Perhaps all the while trying to balance your sanity with the needs of work, family, schools, and endless sanitizing. And now, you really want to join us for Archer Summit in Orlando in September.

You can picture yourself strolling down Main Street towards the castle or meandering the walkways along the lagoon in Epcot past the shops, restaurants, and attractions of the various countries. You are giddy at the thought of engaging with risk colleagues as you enjoy keynotes, sessions, and labs. BUT you need to convince your boss, significant other, kids, or pet on why it would be time well spent? Have you tried to tell them how you are a risk hero or heroine, and that being in Disney puts you in the presence of the Greatest Risk Heroines – the Disney Princesses? Not with me yet, right? Most people think of Disney Princesses as romantic figures or some see them as victims who needed saving. I don’t see them that way.

Risk management is all about identifying, evaluating, planning for, and then responding to threats. Throughout their stories, the Disney Princesses did just that. Need some examples to build your case?

Snow White found herself thrust into an unknown, risky situation when she was sent off into the forest. Overwhelmed with the risks, she evaluated her situation, planned on the fly, decided to trust the dwarfs, and made the best of it by applying a cheerful and positive attitude to what was an unpleasant series of events. Don’t risk practitioners face similar circumstances all the time? We assess information about a situation, reach out to our colleagues to collect data to aid in our assessment, trust them on what they provide, and—let’s face it—we often need a cheerful and positive attitude to get them to assist us. Why not visit one of the happiest places on earth to rejuvenate your cheerful attitude? Who doesn’t smile to see the seven dwarfs, even when you are Grumpy?

Cinderella may be more your heroine of choice. She is the gentle purveyor of the strength and courage that it takes to square off against risk when faced with the constant stress of evil. Does this not go to the heart of cyber risk? After the heightened threats of the past year or more, don’t you want to connect with others that will help you regain your strength and courage, and inspire you to assess risk in a new light? Maybe the answers to your dream to prevail against security risk await you in Florida.

Consider this story of Third-Party Risk. Tiana dreams of a successful restaurant in New Orleans. She meets third-party source, Prince Naveen, who has been turned into a frog. She does not see his warts or assess him as a threat, but he draws her into his problem by kissing her, making her into a frog too. But, as a great practitioner of risk, Tiana works with him to analyze the situation, create a shared plan, and conquer the risks on the road to achieving a common goal. In their case it was of being transformed back into humans, but for you and your vendors it can be a shared plan to beat risk. Be inspired by Princess Heroine Tiana and come let us show you how Engage for Vendors can help you avoid the warts of your third-party frog.

Maybe you better relate to Elsa and her Operational Risk Management. She decided to hide her powers out of fear, but the strategy had unintended consequences for her, her sister, Anna, and her kingdom.

Then there is Mulan. She is by far the biggest risk taker. She takes a calculated risk to enlist herself as a man in the army in place of her father. She has strength and courage enough to overtake the Huns, Shan Yu and countless other operational risks and have it pan out for her and her nation. Can we all get so lucky? Perhaps they both would have done better to follow in Pocahontas’ footsteps. She saw the wisdom of placing value and importance on the risk in the world around us. She would have been someone looking to know more about the future Engage for Executives or the updates to Operational Risk Management.

We cannot talk about the Disney Princesses without looking to the story of Merida; she is after all an archer. She is our beacon in the Risk Landscape showing all of us how to follow our own path to heroically overcome risk. Merida sets out in the forest, jumps over obstacles, challenges new things, and dreams big. Throughout her journey she relies on bravery and Archery skills to undo the beastly curse. Isn’t this at the heart of why you want to be a part of Archer Summit this year? Come engage in our vision for Archer? Share in the magic of dreams for how to tackle risk and rise to the new challenges the threat landscape poses?

Now admittedly, I’m glossing over some of the other points of the stories where you can draw comparisons, like being presented with an immediate threat and falling prey to it. You can certainly spin your own comparisons from the stories of the princesses. But maybe that just means you need to think about how you raise awareness of risk in your organization. How do you educate, communicate expectations, get top-level buy in, and leverage great technology to measure and increase transparency? Maybe you need to consider whether to bring along some of those colleagues who try to thwart your attempts to educate them on risky behaviors, or maybe you want someone alongside you to aid you in your Risk Hero role. They, too, may learn something from the Heroines of Risk – the Disney Princesses. You certainly will.

Can you now see yourself aligned with the Disney Princess Risk Heroines: Pocahontas, Merida, Tiana, Elsa, Snow White, Cinderella, and Mulan? Are you excited for an amazing adventure alongside them and the heroes of Integrated Risk Management – Archer employees and their customers?

Join us this September 13-15 in Orlando, Florida for Archer Summit, the premier risk management thought leadership event. We look forward to seeing you!

For details and to register, check out the Archer Summit website.


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