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Ringing in Archer’s Next Chapter with a New Identity

In a year filled with unprecedented challenges and uncertainty beyond our control, I find it especially rewarding to focus on outcomes where things have fallen naturally into place. That's why I feel incredibly fortunate to be Archer's new CEO as we lead our business into its next chapter. Just a few months ago, I couldn't have predicted the opportunity to join an iconic leader in the risk management software industry where I've spent my career and be able to continue my partnership with Symphony Technologies Group - RSA's primary portfolio sponsor.

I was equally excited by the opportunity to address the passionate Archer customer base (albeit virtually) today at the Archer Summit 2020. For those unable to join this year's event, let me recap some of the main points.

First and foremost, my message to customers is to reinforce our commitment to Archer's leadership and innovation in the Integrated Risk Management arena. As an independent company, we have a better opportunity to focus on that singular objective and drive on the collective energy and passion of our employees and this entire community towards that mission.

Since my arrival at Archer just a few short weeks ago, I've been incredibly impressed by the recent momentum around the offerings, all of which has only reinforced what I knew of Archer's reputation. Not only have recent innovations in the product been huge drivers of value for customers, but they also act as a foundation for new areas of development and value creation. For example, the move to Archer's Cloud has enabled a major online retailer to be implemented within 90 days. We have the ability to be more agile and responsive to the changing needs of risk managers, and more fully committed to ensuring long-term customer success.

I shared our focus on four strategic pillars which will guide our efforts and investments in the future:

  1. Modern Cloud Offerings: we have already seen tremendous improvements in time to value for our customers using Archer Cloud and will continue to advance our capabilities as a preferred deployment method.

  2. Integrated Risk Management for the Enterprise: we believe our capabilities are unmatched and create tremendous differentiation, and we plan to compound that advantage to engage more stakeholders in the risk process and improve communication and outcomes through broad use of the Archer platform.

  3. Analytics: with nearly 1,500 customers globally, we plan to share depersonalized insights across our vast customer network to help how our clients think about risk and the usage of Archer.

  4. Customer Success: we have formally launched our Customer Success Program (CSP) offerings to create a formal process to ensure our client objectives are known and whether we are collectively realizing the benefits expected through our proven, developed methodology.

Finally, I communicated our independent brand identity for the Archer business. Although there have been many advantages being part of Dell and RSA, that association has led some to think our capabilities are solely focused on IT risk management. Our newly relaunched Archer brand gives us the opportunity to renew a connection to the broader elements of operational risk and reinforce the importance of integration of risk across the entire organization, not just IT.

These are just a few areas where you will be seeing and feeling the positive impacts of our independence, and so I look forward to building upon today's news and the many highlights of the Archer Summit 2020 to work with all of you in writing Archer's next chapter.


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