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Removing Resistance in Key Risk Processes: Make Input Easy for Business Users

Even the slightest bit of resistance can get in the way in completing a key risk process. If a form is hard to figure out or cumbersome to navigate, users will avoid it, putting it off until the last minute or forgetting about it completely. That resistance then leads to delays in information getting to the people who need it to understand where the potential risks are in the organization and to act in a timely fashion. They find out about something this week, that if they found out that last week could have prevented an incident.

Throughout the various processes that make up an integrated risk management (IRM) program, there is a shared need to engage users quickly and effectively. It can’t be a burden on these users, many of whom don’t consider risk or compliance as their primary function. It must be seamless to them, something that easily fits into their busy schedules. If it takes time to figure out a form, users are likely to procrastinate completing it. But if it’s something that just takes a minute, that’s accessible from whatever device they are on, wherever they are, then the request becomes easier for them to fulfill. It’s something that’s just a small part of a normal day’s activities.

When business users in the organization can perform their risk-related tasks quickly and easily, the whole system flows more smoothly. The risk managers of the world don’t have to spend time and effort worrying about creating a specific user experience, creating extensive training materials that are only used infrequently, or following up to remind people they need to respond. Whether for Control Attestations or Evidence Requests, Quarterly Certifications or Risk Assessments, these are all parts of successful risk programs that rely on input from individuals who don’t have “risk” or “compliance” in their titles.

To help address this issue, we are pleased to announce general availability of Archer Engage™ for Business Users, designed to help accelerate the flow of your risk processes and programs. It is a cloud-based companion product that integrates with your Archer instance – be it SaaS or on-prem – to present assessments and requests to business users in a fast, responsive application that’s as easy to use on a smart phone as it is on a company-issued laptop. It provides an intuitive and easy to use experience whether the user is seeing it for the first time or the first time in a few months.

With Archer Engage for Business Users, you can publish any questionnaire or application from Archer to Archer Engage. Later this year, we’ll continue to add capabilities for content creation and other exciting features to join the richness of your Archer applications with the convenience of Archer Engage.


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