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ESG: Sustainability & Corporate Reporting – What Does ‘Good Enough’ Look Like?

It’s coming -- mandatory, recurring financial and non-financial sustainability reporting for organizations around the world. Are you prepared? Do you know what information regulators and shareholders will expect? Do you know which reports your organization needs to produce and how often? Do you have the proper systems and processes in place? The answer for most organizations and reporting officers is a resounding “no.”

Reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) information is new territory for reporting officers in many organizations. They find themselves in a distressing scenario similar to what they faced at the introduction of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and similar anti-fraud and accounting requirements.

Introduced this month, the new ESG Exchange is designed to help demystify the financial and non-financial ESG reporting requirements. Archer is proud to be a founding sponsor of the ESG Exchange, with Peadar Duffy, Archer ESG Global Practice Lead, serving as Technical Committee Chair.

Founded by the Good Governance Academy and Professor Mervyn King, the ESG Exchange provides deep global expertise to organizations on the processes and content requirements for ESG. The ESG Exchange will provide organizations access to the best available content and hands-on implementation programs for all necessary organizational roles, including directors, executives, finance, audit and assurance partners, operations, IT, and stakeholder/investor relations departments.

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