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Way Too Early to Start Planning? Never!

There is a famous quote from Mike Tyson: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”  If you are headed into the ring against a world champion, you certainly must have trained hard and built a plan. The hope is that even after that first punch, that plan remains intact and you can continue to execute, regardless of the obstacles – namely Mr. Tyson’s fist.

Is it too early to think about the next step in your risk management journey? Absolutely not. As a GRC professional, you may feel like you are standing in the ring facing a heavy-duty fighter. The uncertainty your organization is hoping you help navigate is daunting. Environmental concerns collide with financial risks as investors inspect the long-term viability of companies with regards to climate change. Companies expand their digital footprint battling issues such as privacy and social responsibility while entangled with the already daunting challenge of digital crime and fraud. Economic shifts, societal upheaval, strained systems, geopolitical strife – these potential risks cast a deep shadow.

It is imperative to keep an eye on trends that can help you deliver impactful inputs to your organization’s risk management strategy. The risk and compliance landscape continues its rapid transformation, presenting both opportunities and challenges for organizations striving to stay ahead. Companies like yours are facing heightened cybersecurity threats, regulatory changes, and the need to integrate advanced technologies seamlessly.

As you review your risk management strategy, there are emerging trends that will reshape GRC in 2025 that you can begin preparing for now, including the integration of AI for streamlining risk analysis and improving decision-making, a user experience revolution in leveraging seamless workflows and intuitive design, and the heightened impact of assurance and resilience in delivering significant value.

I invite you to join Forrester’s Cody Scott from Forrester and me for a June 18 webinar, “Way-Too-Early GRC Predictions for 2025” for a discussion about these trends and insights that will help you formulate your risk management strategy for 2025 and beyond.


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