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Reduce Your Cyber Threat Risk by Getting a Comprehensive View of Your Network

In today's complex cyber threat landscape, organizations face an ongoing challenge to have robust security measures to detect and respond to threats effectively. It has become critical to have visibility into your organization's security landscape to protect your network assets from cybersecurity threats. The ability to create a detailed inventory of network assets to address the cyber threat challenge not only allows your security teams to prioritize remediation efforts effectively but also empowers them to take control of the situation.

A significant cybersecurity challenge is the lack of visibility into network assets. Organizations need help maintaining an accurate inventory of all devices, systems, and applications connected to their networks. This is a serious challenge because any unknown assets can become cyberattack entry points. Organizations must understand everything that needs to be secured.

Organizations' ability to obtain a comprehensive inventory of all network assets, including endpoints, servers, IoT devices, and applications, will provide a more robust view of their landscape. This complete asset inventory, as the foundation of their cybersecurity strategy, will ensure that no device or system goes unnoticed and reduce the risk of vulnerabilities being exploited due to oversight.

Identifying and understanding vulnerabilities within network assets is another critical challenge. Vulnerabilities can vary widely in severity and impact, making knowing which vulnerabilities to address first is challenging. However, getting detailed insights into potential security flaws and assessing their severity can enable you to understand how they can be exploited. This information equips your security teams to understand the scope and nature of the cyber threats facing your organization, making decision-makers feel informed and responsible.

Organizations must have a prioritization strategy for risk remediation to ensure that critical assets are not exposed. To ensure important issues are addressed first security teams should prioritize remediation efforts based on the criticality of each asset. Organizations can mitigate the most pressing risks first by focusing on fixing vulnerabilities that pose the highest risk to the most critical systems and data.

Continuous monitoring is not just a necessity but a proactive measure in the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Scanning your network helps ensure that any new vulnerabilities are identified and that remediation efforts are tracked and adjusted. This allows you to maintain a robust security posture.

Archer can help you reduce your cyber risk by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities and prioritizing risk remediation efforts. Archer's recently released integration with Rapid7 InsightVM enables organizations to catalog network devices and assess vulnerabilities.  

Contact us for more information or to speak to an Archer expert.


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