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Operational Resilience – Lessons learned and What Lies Ahead

Building an operationally resilient organization is more important than ever, in light of increasing global regulatory pressures and the constant barrage of potentially disruptive events.

Your organization must be prepared to address changing business and competitive forces to ensure that the business stays operational, regardless of the obstacles. Did you know that building operational resilience not only considers disruptive factors on an organization like natural disasters, cyberattacks and geopolitical unrest, but also business impacts like talent shortages, remote work implications, and competition?

With operational resilience proving to be an evolution for many organizations, there are a number of key lessons learned and emerging trends to consider that could impact your approach to operational resilience in the coming year.

Interested in learning more? Register for our January 11 webinar, Operational Resilience: Lessons Learned & A Look Ahead, to learn about:

  • Current regulatory guidance on operational resilience

  • Where operational resilience has been adopted successfully

  • Key considerations for operational resilience planning in 2023

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