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GRC Leader Archer Acquires Flisk, Enters Adjacent RMIS Market

March 20, 2024 – Archer, an enterprise leader in integrated risk management solutions, today announced its entry to the adjacent risk management information system (RMIS) market with the acquisition of Flisk, an Austin-based RMIS technology startup.

“Incidents and losses are critical inputs to inform and evaluate an operational risk program,” said Bill Diaz, CEO of Archer. “With our acquisition of Flisk, we can now provide a critical feedback loop for incorporation into our enterprise GRC capabilities.”

“We’re excited to be part of the Archer team to amplify resources and results for our valued clients,” said Pablo Ninoles, CEO of Flisk, now Archer’s Director, RMIS Product Lead. “Together, we’re ushering in a new era of efficiency and sophistication for the industry and set new standards for completeness, agility, and actionable insights in risk management.”

The combination of GRC and RMIS solutions can help organizations orchestrate their overall programs by providing an integrated approach to identifying operational controls and evaluating their ROI, incident reporting, claims and insurance policy management. Many organizations keep risk and insurance programs separate, with little coordination and reporting. However, insurance programs can play a key part in mitigating risk. Costs and coverage must be aligned with risks, organizational priorities, and potential losses to better utilize resources based on the amount of risk the organization anticipates.

“The industry should be excited by the entrance of Archer into the RMIS marketplace,” said Patrick O’Neill, president and founder of Redhand Advisors. “With the recent consolidations between some of the major vendors, the more choices available to organizations, the better; Archer extends the options considerably. Bill Diaz brings with him a wealth of RMIS experience as well as a fully mature organization to deliver RMIS as part of a complete risk management program. I’m excited to see what new innovations Archer will offer to customers.”

To learn more about the new Archer RMIS solution, visit Archer at Booth #307 at Risk World 2024, May 5-8 in San Diego, CA.

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