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Archer Delivers Enterprise-Wide Risk Quantification and Decision Support Through the Launch of Archer Insight

Overland Park, KS - July 21, 2021 - Archer®, an RSA® business, today announced the launch of Archer Insight, a suite of enterprise-wide risk quantification capabilities for Archer’s integrated risk management solutions. Archer Insight enables organizations to move beyond common qualitative risk measurements to leverage more precise quantitative measures of risk probability, frequency, and impact. Interactions between risks can be described at any level of complexity using quantitative bowtie analyses, and risk treatments can be properly prioritized based their cost-effectiveness and impact on strategic objectives.

Archer has also added David Vose as Vice President for Risk Management and lead for the Archer Insight initiative. Vose brings his specialization in the quantification of risk and more than thirty years of experience as an independent risk analysis consultant to his new role with Archer. He has consulted in an extensive range of fields using risk analysis techniques to help organizations make more informed risk-based decisions.

“Executive team members tell us they want to better understand the impact of risks on strategic goals, and risk professionals tell us they are looking for tools to help them deliver those insights to executives,” said Bill Diaz, CEO of Archer. “With the addition of David Vose to the Archer leadership team and the introduction of Archer Insight, we have taken a big step in closing the gap between risk management teams’ desire to provide insight needed to guide business strategy and the tools they require to do so.”

A recent National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) survey indicated that nearly 50% of board members believe that the risk information they are presented with does not enable them to draw the correct conclusions. Business leaders seek a more aggregated view of risks that allows them to ensure compliance, address risks related to new opportunities, and ultimately better protect the business from disruption.

“Risk quantification is critical to the business value of integrated risk management. Decision-makers need great risk intelligence,” said French Caldwell, GRC/IRM industry expert. “They don’t just need ‘red, yellow and green’ indicators – they need hard data on the impact of risks.”

Most quantitative risk analysis to-date has focused on IT/cyber security risks and the financial impacts of additional cyber security controls. Archer Insight applies advanced quantitative analysis to a broader range of enterprise and operational risks.

“Implemented well, enterprise risk management can help to ensure that risk management is in line with the business’ strategic and operational goals,” said David Vose. “I’m excited to join the Archer team to help risk management and business leaders increase chances of achieving strategic goals with more efficient use of capital and opportunity management.”

In combination with Archer’s leading platform for integrated risk management and the recently launched Archer Engage companion offering for streamlined risk management collaboration, the addition of Archer Insight makes Archer the only single, configurable, integrated platform to enable organizations to manage multiple dimensions of risk, drive accountability and engagement across internal functions and stakeholders, and enrich risk-based decision making with support for quantitative aggregation of risks.

Archer will host a webinar, “The Role of Risk Quantification in Integrated Risk Management,” on August 4, 2021 at 1:00pm ET to share additional information about the benefits of quantitative risk analysis and Archer Insight.

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