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Archer Announces Plans to Extend SaaS Infrastructure

May 25, 2022—Overland Park, KS. Archer®, a leading provider of integrated risk management (IRM) solutions, today announced plans to expand its cloud infrastructure to support the high demand for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery and deployment. Specifically, Archer plans to expand into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployment of their industry leading cloud infrastructure. Archer SaaS is currently available in the US, Europe, Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region.

“We have seen explosive growth over the past few years around our SaaS offering and more than doubled revenues last year for this part of the business,” said David Lemon, Chief Revenue Officer at Archer. “Extending our platform into the UAE will help us meet the demand we are seeing from this very important region that has long represented a strong region of our customer base.”

In May 2021, AWS announced their plans to launch additional services that will support the ability to run workloads and to store data that must remain in-country, in addition to the ability to serve local customers with even lower latency. Once those services are live and include all the necessary services to ensure Archer SaaS customer requirements, deployment of Archer SaaS will proceed.

“Archer has a long history of serving the UAE and supporting the development of risk management practices for customers in the region,” said Gennaro Scalo, Head of EMEA for Archer. “We are very excited to expand that support to the growing number of companies in the UAE that want the many benefits of SaaS delivery.”

Customers in the UAE who are interested in learning more about Archer SaaS can request more info here.

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