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Archer Acquires to Drive AI-Powered Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Feb. 20, 2024 – Archer, an enterprise leader in providing a fully integrated risk management solution, today announced its acquisition of, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven regulatory change management solutions. This acquisition will enable Archer clients to supplement their compliance initiatives with cutting-edge AI technology to automate monitoring, tracking, reporting, and responding to continually changing regulations in real time.

“We’re pleased to welcome to the Archer family. With this acquisition, we can offer our
clients the advantages of real-time updates, predictive analysis, and increased accuracy for regulatory compliance and risk management,” said Bill Diaz, CEO of Archer. “Leveraging the power of AI technology advances our strategy to empower organizations to more effectively manage their entire risk landscape and allows us to propel Archer solutions into a new era of efficiency and foresight.”

“Joining with Archer, we’re in a leading position to transform compliance into a competitive advantage for highly regulated organizations,” said Kayvan Alikhani, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “The benefits of our AI-powered technology and Archer’s unrivaled risk and compliance management solutions is a winning combination for compliance, risk and legal teams worldwide.”

“The acquisition of makes Archer a pillar in cognitive GRC, compared with many risk and compliance management solution providers that lack a fully robust AI platform,” said Michael
Rasmussen, GRC 20/20 market analyst. “This acquisition optimally positions Archer to deliver extensive value in efficiency, effectiveness, resilience and agility for clients and solidifies Archer’s continued leadership in GRC.” continuously monitors regulatory updates, applying a patented EITL approach to machine learning and AI to analyze and enrich regulatory activities, thereby improving the compliance lifecycle. It surpasses traditional regulatory change management by automatically mapping regulatory changes to internal policies, procedures, and controls, simplifying obligation management to ensure comprehensive compliance coverage.

Archer integrates risk and compliance management within a single platform. This facilitates accountability, encourages collaboration, enhances visibility and analytics. Archer solutions drive efficiency and focus across risk and compliance teams based on best practices and standardized
processes, establishing a healthy balance between risk and growth opportunities for businesses

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