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サード パーティ リスク

ベンダー エコシステムを可視化してサード パーティ リスクを管理

Archer Document Governance

ベンダーへの依存度の高まりが示すとおり、組織が単独でビジネスを執り行うことは不可能です。事業運営がますます多くのサード パーティとの関係の上に成り立つようになると、ベンダーやサービス プロバイダーに関連したサード パーティ リスクを継承することになります。つまり、ベンダーやプロバイダーにとってのリスクは、お客様組織にとってサード パーティ リスクの高まりを意味します。

Archer Third Party Governance により、ベンダーとの関係の監視を自動化して合理化することができます。サード パーティ エコシステムを正確に把握することで、サード パーティ管理のライフサイクル全体にわたってサード パーティ リスクを管理するために必要なアクションに優先順位を付け、アクティビティが円滑化されます。Archerがベンダー リスク プログラムの構築に役立つ仕組みをご確認ください。

Take Control of Your Document Governance

Enterprises are reliant on a diverse array of documents to establish and formalize their practices and operations, but they lack the necessary governance and oversight to ensure the proper handling of these essential documents. Recognizing this challenge, we have developed Archer Document Governance. Our flexible and scalable platform provides businesses with a detailed ‘chain of custody’ for all their documents, while streamlining the collaboration process and facilitating seamless communication. Furthermore, the Archer platform establishes a common source of truth for corporate policies and other mission-critical documents, ensuring consistency and integrity across the entire document lifecycle. With Archer Document Governance, organizations can confidently manage their documentation, reduce the risk of errors or mismanagement, and focus on the core business activities essential for growth and success.

Maximize compliance and minimize risk by formalizing the management lifecycle of your corporate policies and standards

Organizations rely heavily on desktop tools to build critical documents, but these solutions can often present issues with auditability and consistency. Without traceability or oversight capabilities, enforcing a streamlined governance process is inherently difficult - leaving organizations open to multiple document formats and versioning complications. Archer Document Governance complements the Archer platform by providing an effective solution for managing complex business requirements amidst internal practices – making sure content management lifecycle always remains in check.

Take Charge of Your Critical Documents

With Archer Document Governance, companies can enjoy a streamlined collaboration process while gaining complete control over their policy and document lifecycles. The platform offers powerful capabilities which provide complete control over the policy development lifecycle from simultaneous editing to workflow governance and auditability. Streamlining collaboration on projects while providing complete chain of custody, Archer Document Governance aligns businesses with industry-leading best practices that promote efficiency across all departments.


サード パーティ エコシステムを把握

サード パーティとの関係をカタログ化して評価し、関連するリスクを把握して、関係とビジネス エコシステムの進化に対応できるよう準備を整えます。






サード パーティによってもたらされるリスクを一貫して評価し、組織のリスク許容度に応じて統制、対応、移転手法を適用します。

ユース ケースの完全補完によって多面的な課題に対応

Enterprise Policies

Provides a configurable policy management workflow tool with all the key features needed to respond to change with speed and accuracy. Key features include a searchable library, simultaneous editing with conflict and version controls, cross-file linking, workflow governance for controlled approvals, renewal dating, detailed auditability, and business intelligence support. 

Operating Procedures

Delivers a configurable content approval workflow tool, attestation tracking, and integration with business platforms. 

Also provides critical tools to innovate fast, like simultaneous editing with conflict and version control, easy cross-linking to related procedures, detailed auditability, and analytic insights. 

Incident Assessment & Audit Reports

Reporting events, tracking ongoing collaborative remediation, and delivering formal reports for executive and third-party reviews, Ensure all stakeholder reviews are performed and captured, every version recorded for review as needed, and final reports delivered quickly and accurately. 

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