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Archer Introduces New Operational Resilience Solution to Support Preparation and Response to Business Disruption

Overland Park, KS - August 11, 2021 - Archer®, an RSA® business, today introduced a new Operational Resilience solution to help organizations minimize the impacts of business disruption using proactive analysis to adapt and thrive in a changing environment. Resilience has become a top priority for all organizations, spurred in part by the events of 2020. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 70 percent of CEOs will mandate a culture of organizational resilience. Doing so will require organizations to take a coordinated and integrated approach to prioritization, planning, organizational engagement, and information sharing.

With new capabilities around assessing operational scenarios and defining impact tolerances, the Archer Operational Resilience solution allows organizations to prioritize product and service delivery dependencies, identify disruptive scenarios with associated threats, test responses, and remediate gaps in continuity plans. The solution provides a single system of record that works in conjunction with other Archer solutions, including the ability to incorporate criticality assessments and dependency mapping from the Archer Business Impact Analysis use case and extend resiliency plans across third parties and broad business ecosystems with the Archer Third Party Governance solution.

“The events of the past 18 months have highlighted the extensive interdependencies that drive modern business operations,” said Bill Diaz, CEO of Archer. “Our extensive experience and capabilities around enterprise-wide operational risk management, combined with the broad  range of Archer solutions, allow us to help customers build the foundation for operational resilience and adapt their strategy in the face of ongoing changes to their business and external environments.”

The Archer Operational Resilience solution is built on proven best practices and delivers a broad range of features including workflows, access control, and measures and metrics tied back to defined product and service impact tolerances, links to control procedures, recovery plans, or remediation plans, and more. Organizations leveraging the solution can improve response efficiency, drive consistent, measurable results, associate specific threats and risks to multiple scenarios with threat and risk registers, and identify corrective actions and ongoing improvement for their resilience efforts.

To learn more about Archer Operational Resilience, visit

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