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Archer Announces Acquisition of Atlas to Expand Policy Management Capabilities

Overland Park, KS - February 7, 2023. Archer, the leading provider of integrated risk management solutions, announced it has acquired Atlas, an innovative provider of workflow and content governance and collaboration software. Atlas had previously been part of the numo llc, a fintech incubator and subsidiary of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. The acquired capabilities will initially be applied to bolster current Archer solutions around Policy Program Management and Regulatory and Corporate Compliance Management, both of which will benefit significantly from increased coverage of policy and content creation, publication and management.


“We are very excited to continue the expansion of the Archer platform through the acquisition of the Atlas capabilities around policy and document creation and management,” said Bill Diaz, CEO of Archer. “We are leveraging this technology to launch a set of Document Governance features that address the need for enhanced control of the critical documents that drive business operations, and as a result should be managed as part of an overall risk management process.”

Atlas was created to address the need for better content and governance control over policy and procedure management than what is currently available from other commonly used tools. The use of multiple platforms for managing policies and other critical documents can cause inefficiencies and inaccuracies for organizations trying to keep content in sync, work across multiple teams, and be able to respond quickly and effectively to audits. Collaboration platforms, word processing software and email don’t provide effective and comprehensive solutions for controlled editing and tracking document versions, driving approval workflow, seeing the real-time status of the review process, or capturing detailed, auditable change records.

“Policies are risk documents, the very fact that there is a policy means there is uncertainty/risk that needs to be governed and controlled through risk management,” said Michael Rasmussen from GRC 20/20. “Currently, many organizations struggle with challenges such as policies scattered on different portals, lack of a consistent template and writing style for policies, and lack of strong audit trails around what policies have been communicated or accessed for training. Archer’s acquisition of Atlas brings together capabilities that can help address these challenges with strong solutions for mapping individual policy requirements to controls in an enterprise-wide manner.”

Archer Document Governance delivers to customers a number of enhanced use cases, including Enterprise Policies, Operating Procedures, and Audit Workpapers, all of which can help accelerate review and approval workflows, maintain a single source of truth for critical documents, and even improve the speed and accuracy of responding to audit requests. These capabilities will be integrated with existing the Archer Policy Program Management solution, but will also expand well beyond policies to deliver improved control and compliance across a broad range of key documents and content that drive today’s complex businesses.

“This is an exciting next step for Atlas and its talented team, who’ve built an impressive platform that will have a significant impact as part of the Archer ecosystem,” said David Passavant, CEO of numo. “At numo, we remain committed to incubating high-impact technologies – just like Atlas – that meet immediate market needs."

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