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Risk Management Expert Alex Sidorenko to Serve as Advisor to Archer

2021 FERMA Risk Manager of the Year and Recognized Expert in Quantitative and Operational Risk to Advise on Market Direction and Application of Technology

September 20, 2022—Overland Park, KS. Archer, the leading provider of Integrated Risk Management technology, today announced that Alex Sidorenko has agreed to act as a Senior Advisor to help Archer and its clients take full advantage of technology for advanced use cases like quantitative risk analysis.

"I have been passionate about integrating better quantitative risk analysis into decision making for years, helping companies make better investment and operational choices and saving a lot of money along the way. In today’s complex and turbulent times, I see risk management team as the center of excellence for dealing with uncertainty and being on call to executives when important decisions are being made. I used technology to support my team in its risk advisory role and I am very glad to support the Archer platform that allows businesses to solve complex risk issues quickly and efficiently.”

Alex is a widely recognized expert across strategic, investment and operational risks and insurance with extensive experience across multibillion dollar corporations in Australia, GCC and Europe. He successfully implemented quantitative risk analysis and risk-based decision making that have had significant impact such as reducing the cost of insurance by more than $13 million per year while improving the quality of coverage. Alex has also successfully implemented quantitative risk analysis in investment decision making, project portfolio optimization, procurement, production planning and budgeting.

“One of the most important evolutions of Archer over the past two years has been the attraction of top-tier talent in many of the areas driving risk management forward,” said Bill Diaz CEO at Archer. “Adding Alex as an advisor to the business is another step in ensuring our customers benefit from the expertise of leading minds in transforming risk functions to become more impactful at the board level.”

Alex has received extensive recognition from the risk management community, including: FERMA 2021 Risk Manager of the Year; 2021 RIMS ERM Award of Distinction – International Honoree; RUSRISK 2014 Best ERM Implementation; RUSRISK 2014 Best Risk Management Training and; finalist in European risk management awards in 2018 and 2019. He is also the author of the most popular free risk management book in the world, with more than 200K downloads in 3 languages. Alex is the founder and host of the popular annual online conference called RISK AWARENESS WEEK happening every October.

As a start to this collaboration, Archer and Alex have created a 5-week email-based Risk Quantification Bootcamp that provides recommendations on how companies can implement quantitative risk management that delivers high ROI and fast Time-to-Value. To learn more about the Risk Quantification Bootcamp and sign up for the first no-obligation session visit

Much of the collaboration between Archer and Alex will focus on Archer Insight, a suite of enterprise-wide risk quantification capabilities for business leaders designed to deliver a complete view of enterprise risks, improve resilience, and ensure achievement of strategic goals.  This innovative solution enables risk management teams to provide business leaders with quantitative, transparent, and actionable information needed to make strategic business decisions. To learn more about Archer, visit

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