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Archer Professional Services

Holistic portfolio of capabilities to maximize your return on investment from Archer

Customer requirements and expectations are best met when product deployments are adequately planned, implemented and maintained with regular upgrades and tuning. Complement your in-house resources with Archer subject matter experts to better understand the business context for risk and prioritize accordingly.


Strategy roadmap

Identify business and solution requirements and implementa phased program for achieving them.

Upgrade services

Ensure your solution is updated and ready and able to provideyou with the best integrated risk management tools you need.

Administrative enablement service

Availability of expertise on-demand to assistwith routine management and administration tasks throughout the license term.

Design and implementation services

Get the solution up and running, achieve early wins and accelerate time-to-value with a variety of “smartstart” services.

Expert on-demand subscription services

Consulting expertise for ongoing staffaugmentation and subject matter expertise to help mitigate the risks and maximize thebusiness outcomes associated with implementing the solution in a reduced time frame.

Customer services

Tailored consulting for business requirements, technology integrations, large or complex implementations, custom feeds and use-case development.

Hardware sizing and performance health check

Evaluate your platform hardwaresizing needs and associated configurations and identify with the requirements forsolution optimization.

Customer success program

Take a proactive approach to ensuring both the long and short-term success and scalability of the product throughout the license term. Learn more.

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