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Archer Introduces Archer RMIS AI, Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Drive RMIS Innovation and Enhance GRC

March 27, 2024 – Archer, an enterprise leader in integrated risk management, today introduced Archer RMIS AI. This new offering leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a simplified, efficient RMIS user experience and enhances the effectiveness of enterprise GRC programs.

Built on SaaS technology developed by Flisk, an Austin-based startup acquired by Archer, Archer RMIS AI harvests incident and loss data to identify operational risk controls, improve risk quantification, root cause analysis, and support insurance and loss control programs. It centralizes data from diverse carriers and brokers, equipping risk managers with a critical tool to efficiently handle incidents and claims and analyze coverage against business impacts.

"The introduction of Archer RMIS AI redefines what's possible for risk management information systems,” said Bill Diaz, CEO of Archer. “By incorporating innovative AI capabilities, we’re ushering in a new era of efficiency and sophistication for RMIS and GRC, and setting new standards for accuracy, adaptability, and actionable insights in risk management.”

Archer RMIS AI leverages natural language processing for incident capture and claims management to simplify the user experience. Built-in analytics allow insurance managers to visualize data and analyze trends across premiums, claims, and incidents, providing comprehensive insight into the insurance landscape.

To learn more about the new Archer RMIS solution, schedule a demo or meeting with Archer RMIS experts at Booth #307 at Risk World 2024, May 5-8 in San Diego, CA.

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