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SaaS IRM Vendor

SaaS IRM Vendor

SaaS IRM Vendor

Archer SaaS is built on a Modern Integrated Risk Management Platform giving you the technology to implement consistent, sustainable processes across the enterprise.

SaaS Vendors aid top management in implementing Integrated Risk Management (IRM) solutions in their organizations. To better understand the operations of these vendors, let see what IRM and SaaS are.

What is Integrated Risk Management (IRM)?

Integrated risk management is a set of specific business practices and supporting software tools in the process of identifying, understanding and managing risks thoroughly across every department of an organization; not excluding its third-party business associates.

Benefits of Implementing Integrated Risk Management (IRM) in your Organization

Some of the key benefits of IRM are:

  • Integrated risk management grants your organizations a wide range of opportunities. This reflects to builds opportunities for competitive advantage and saving costs, to mention a few.

  • IRM equips your organization in handling opportunities well enough. This is done by taking the initiative and following up opportunities with carefully thought out processes.

  • IRM aids organizations in identifying and understanding risks at a surface and strategic level. Understanding these risks and implementing processes to manage them can have a positive impact on the growth of the organization.

  • It helps companies adopt risk-mature organizational cultures. These cultures are set so that workers in the organization know that risks exist at every level of the organization and handle these risks smartly with no negative impact on the organization.

  • It makes companies more confident in their decision makings because all possible risks are known.

  • It empowers organizations to learn to manage risks.

  • It drastically reduces cybersecurity threats.

  • It increases the organization’s chances of achieving its objectives and boosts business resilience.

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a cloud-based service model where you can access applications via a web browser, as opposed to downloading and installing software on your business network. It is a software distribution model in which a cloud provider hosts applications and makes them available to clients or end users via the internet.

This method of software delivery allows for easy accessibility of data across a variety of devices. Other names for SaaS applications include Web-based software, hosted software or on-demand software.

What is a SaaS IRM?

A SaaS IRM is a combination that provides a solution in form of a software distribution model. This software is in such a way that cloud providers hosts Integrated Risk Management application and makes them available to clients or end users via the internet. The delivery approach of this software ascertains easy accessibility of IRM solutions from any device. We might as well call the say SaaS IRM provides a solution in form of Web-based software, hosted software or on-demand software.

Leverage the cloud to address risk challenges

Who is SaaS IRM Vendors?

A SaaS IRM vendor is a cloud-based service provider, which provides a means through which organizations can identify, analyze, manage and mitigate risk operations for an effective and sustainable decision-making.

These cloud-based providers make available SaaS IRM tools that require a monthly subscription payment. They act as consultant to every risk management needs of an organization. They resolve all security related issues. Making sure that data are kept safe.

They make subscription model available that differs from the traditional model in that the organization purchases the software through a license, paid up front. Generally, Traditional On-Premise users need to incur expenses for maintenance, support and upgrades while the SaaS IRM subscription fee usually include support, software license and some other fees. With vendors, all of these are made seamless.

Leverage the cloud to address risk challenges

What are the benefits of implementing SaaS IRM Vendors?

Organizations experience immense benefits when they patronize SaaS IRM Vendors. Some of these include:

  • Identifying and managing risks at the strategic level, which could have a significant effect on the overall organization.

  • Enabling proactive management of opportunities as an inbuilt part of business processes at both strategic and tactical levels, rather than a late reaction.

  • Providing valuable information to decision-makers when the environment is uncertain, to facilitate the best possible decisions at all levels.

  • They deliver the strategic and tactical measures to ensuring that a project is delivery in a consistent fashion as it aligns with the organization’s objectives and vision.

  • They focus on making sure the projects they aid is delivered on the benefits they provide. Making sure the deliverables are top-notch and as needed and desired.

To employ an effective SaaS IRM Vendor today, contact Archer. We have experts skilled in integrated risk management with proper SaaS. We provide a holistic integrated risk management on a single, configurable platform that manages multiple dimensions of risk and drives accountability across your internal functions and extended third-party ecosystem.

For any further inquiries you might have about SaaS IRM, contact Archer today.


What do I look for in a SaaS IRM Vendor?

  • How quick is their response rate?

  • How efficient is their service?

  • Is there an assigned manager for your firm?

  • How easy can they be reached?

Why should I purchase SaaS IRM solutions?

You need SaaS IRM solutions so that your organization can minimize threats and risk faced daily. Another reason is so that you can achieve organizational objectives with optimum safety and security.

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