Follow a Path That Sees GRC in the Light of Integrated Risk Management

On the Horizon Now: Operational Resiliency

Following the path to integrated risk management can seem a daunting prospect. It’s no longer tenable to keep the risk management discussion narrowly focused on compliance or confined to IT—but it can be hard to know exactly where to begin.

2020 has proven to be an unprecedented year of disruption that highlights the imperative towards integrated approaches to risk management. The acceleration of digital transformation spurred by the pandemic will require security and risk functions to equally pick up speed. Keeping pace with digital initiatives require efforts to modernize security and risk management. Operational resiliency refers to an organization’s ability to absorb and adapt to rapid changes, sudden disruptions or other challenges—and continue to achieve its objectives. Operational resiliency isn’t only about business or IT recovery after a disruption; it also includes building resilient business practices across the organization to prepare for disruption.

With so many organizations facing industry shifts, market pressures, and increased competitive landscapes, shifting the focus towards operational resiliency makes sense. Business today is all about speed, and risk can’t be allowed to hinder organizations as they move forward. Integrated risk management allows you to keep pace with the business. Otherwise, you will find your organization struggling to manage risk and falling further and further behind. Now is the time to follow a new path that sees GRC in the light of integrated risk management—a path that will prepare you well for managing risk in these times of change.

Evolve your GRC strategy to an Integrated Risk Management approach

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