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Letter to Our Customers

To Our Valued Archer Customers,

As you may have heard, yesterday we announced that Archer has been acquired by Cinven, a leading private-equity firm with extensive experience of sponsorship across a portfolio of companies valued at over $40 billion. I understand that for our customers, these changes prompt certain questions that ultimately are best answered through our performance and delivery over time. However, I do feel very confident in sharing with all of you my excitement for our future under Cinven’s leadership. This confidence comes from the combination of the strong commitment Cinven has towards our vision and the exceptional results the Archer team has delivered over the past 2.5 years in similar circumstances of change.

It has been an incredible journey carving Archer out from Dell and RSA, re-establishing it as an independent company, and significantly expanding our capabilities to deliver a unified, integrated and enterprise-wide risk management platform. The many challenging dynamics facing today’s organizations has validated this as the best way to prepare, comply and respond to ever-increasing risks and related regulatory pressure.

Through all of our interactions with Cinven during the acquisition process, it has become very clear to me that they share this vision, and represent the ideal partner for Archer’s next chapter. Their commitment to support us as we continue to innovate and, in turn, grow the value we can deliver to you will ensure Archer continues to lead the way in driving Integrated Risk Management.

Of course, none of our momentum is possible without all of you, our valued customers. I feel incredibly humbled and grateful for the trust you put in us and the opportunity to lead this iconic company and team into a bright and promising future.  I look forward to sharing with all of you more details of our future plans and success.


Bill Diaz

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