Risk Quantification Solution from Archer Insight.

Risk quantification

Archer Insight is a suite of enterprise-wide risk quantification capabilities designed to deliver risk and business leaders a complete view of enterprise risks to improve resilience and ensure achievement of its strategic goals.

Our solution provides business leaders with more aggregated view of risks that allows them not only to ensure compliance but ultimately to better protect their business from disruption as well as address risks related to new opportunities. Using Archer Insight, organizations can conduct risk quantification analysis, monitor, and report on their risk management programs and then provide business leaders and decision-makers with quantitative, transparent, and actionable information needed to make strategic business decisions.


Archer Insight is entirely quantitative, enabling you to combine all the threats to your organization and truly understand the risks that matter. Our solution makes quantitative risk management quick and easy to use, and provides a full set of tools and features for understanding and managing all types of risk in one platform: operational, project, cyber-security, health and safety, investment and cashflow risk. 

Enterprise-Wide Risk Quantification Delivered by Archer Insight
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Archer Insight allows a business to focus on the risks that are truly important, and to assign responsibility of specific risk management activities to individuals.



Archer Insight breaks down the silos between entities, professional functions and disparate risk evaluation tools so that risk can be managed in a holistic, efficient and collaborative manner.



Archer Insight stores a complete history of identified risks and their management, and that the quantitative nature of the data mean that any number of KPIs can be defined to track progress.

Use an entirely quantitative enterprise risk management system.

Bowtie diagrams move beyond simply describing a risk to building a logical strategy for managing it, bowties effectively illustrate how a risk event can occur and what the consequences could be. Controls can then be created to help mitigate that risk from occurring or reduce the chance or size of the consequences.


Archer Insight offers quantitative bowties that go even further, connecting risks, sharing controls between risks, and helping you define the most effective risk management strategy. The enhanced visualization highlights the interconnection of risks and impacts to the business.

Risk quantification
Risk quantification
Risk quantification
Risk quantification

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