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Archer Announces CRO Pathway Program to Advance Today’s Risk Managers to Tomorrow’s Chief Risk Officers

Unique program provides executive-level curriculum and mentoring to help

risk managers advance careers as risk leaders and elevate risk management programs

Archer®, a leading provider of integrated risk management (IRM) solutions, today announced CRO Pathway, an interactive, educational program designed to help risk managers advance their careers while driving risk as a business-critical, board-level topic. Created by Archer, the CRO Pathway program will provide an executive-level curriculum, including insights from executive mentors, industry experts, market analysts, and other advisors.

“The role of chief risk officer is changing and taking on greater importance, visibility, and accountability,” said Bill Diaz, Archer CEO. “Collaborating with risk management leaders from some of the world’s largest, most innovative companies, Archer is uniquely positioned to help risk leaders elevate their organizations’ risk management programs and to help today’s risk leaders develop the necessary skills to become tomorrow’s CROs.”

Offering online and interactive content and activities, the CRO Pathway program will address the challenges and opportunities risk leaders are facing such as strategic risk management, relationship leadership, advanced analytics, and more at [email protected].

Archer customers who are interested in learning more about the CRO Pathway program can email [email protected] for information and updates.

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